Translators and Interpreters Australia – your voice in the workplace.

Who we are

TIA is the only union in Australia that represents translators and interpreters. It was formed by language professionals, for language professionals.

We work together with our members to win the professional recognition, respect and reward that they deserve.

Our Story

TIA was founded by a group of translators and interpreters who believed that the growing demand for language professionals in Australia was not being matched by fair wages or job security.

The formation of TIA in 2011, and launching in 2012, provided members with a strong, collective voice to campaign for better pay and working conditions – and therefore a better future.

Our members also benefit from the security of knowing that their work issues, education and legal rights are backed by an organisation that understands the challenges and unique landscape of their profession.

Importantly, TIA is a division of Professionals Australia – a union representing a diverse range of professions, including engineering, science, IT, pharmacy, architecture and many others. So, when you join TIA, you also become part of Professional Australia’s network of 25,000 professionals and extensive range of member services and benefits.

What we offer

TIA is committed to:

  • providing the highest standard of workplace advice and support to our members;
  • advocating on behalf of translators and interpreters so that they are heard by government and industry;
  • uniting the collective voice of translators and interpreters to negotiate improved pay and conditions.

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