Advocacy success - Interpreters in Victoria can now book themselves in for a vaccine during phase 1b.

Your union, Professionals Australia (TIA) has successfully advocated for interpreters working in healthcare settings to access vaccination as a priority and they have now been approved as eligible for phase 1b and can book directly themselves - you can use the letter from your employer/agency if you have one or your agency ID Card as evidence of your eligibility. Eligible interpreters can book for vaccination as a part of phase 1b.

To make a vaccination booking, go to (Eligibility checker) which will ask for your age, the State you live in and the industry you work in. You must be interpreting in one of the three industries mentioned.

Explicit confirmation has come from the Victorian Government on the eligibility of interpreters and given that eligibility is ultimately a Commonwealth matter, it is our view that it follows that interpreters around the country are eligible in the same way.

Further advice includes: Healthcare worker definition (includes aged care and disability sectors)
  • “People employed on a paid or voluntary basis who are directly involved in care of clients who are eligible under Phase 1a/1b and are working within 1.5 metres of clients for over 15 minutes.”
The proof required is either:
  • Evidence of AHPRA registration (or other professional body)
  • Proof of occupation (eg Employer ID badge)
  • Letter from employer
  • Phase 1b Declaration Form – Commonwealth Website
Professionals Australia has communicated with key LSPs/agencies who have largely advised that they have already commenced distributing letters as proof of occupation. This is very positive step forward in terms of workplace health and safety for interpreters, who, until now, have been largely ignored.