Our team provides the services and advice you need to get ahead in your profession and build an amazing career.

Joining a union isn’t just about having someone in your corner when you need help. TIA also offers members opportunities for professional development, as well as a wide range of services and benefits. Here are just a few reasons why you should Join Now:

We are the only union looking after your rights

TIA is the first and only Australian union to campaign for better pay and working conditions in the languages sector. We work tirelessly on our members’ behalf to win the professional recognition, respect and reward that they deserve.

In 2017 – after campaigning strongly for change – we were responsible for winning language practitioners an average 30% rate increase on all Victorian government-funded jobs. But this is only the beginning. We will continue to lobby in the remaining states and territories so that this recognition and economic support will become the status quo for translators and interpreters Australia-wide.

We offer legal and industrial representation and advice

If you are dealing with a workplace issue, we are here to help. Our team of lawyers and industrial officers offer expert advice on your wages, conditions and your rights.

Professional development and member benefits

Not only does TIA lobby the government, as a member you’ll get:

  • member-only discounts on groceries, fuel, cinema and consumer goods at some of Australia’s largest retailers.
  • savings on a rage of insurance policies;
  • financial planning and advice; and
  • advice on migration agents and services

Select below your membership package to join TIA and start your journey to a better future today.


  • Access to our full PD package.

  • Support Union for Translators and Interpreters - this means you get to have a say and participate in the fight for better pay and conditions, recognition and respect.
  • Access to publications and salary information.
  • Access to member only discounts through our Member Advantage program.

Join now

* New, upgrading, previous/ re-joining members, ‘Assist’ members and members with a pre-existing matter will have access to advice from an employment/ industrial law specialist, limited to one 40-minute telephone consultation.

** New Complete’ members, upgrading, previous/ re-joining members and members with a pre-existing matter, will have a waiting period of three months before being able to access employment / industrial law specialists for full personalised advice and representation and will not receive advice and representation regarding pre-existing matters.

Note: A pre-existing matter is defined as one that occurred/ arose prior to the member’s join date or a new matter that occurs/ arises during the member’s first three months of membership.

Membership Terms and Conditions