Being a member of TIA gives you access to expert advice at every stage of your career, as well as the benefits of being part of a wider network of professionals. Our team is available to resolve all kinds of workplace issues and concerns, whether they be legal, financial or otherwise.

As a group within Professionals Australia, TIA is able to provide a broad range of membership services. These include:

  • access to legal representation and advice;
  • advice on salary;
  • professional development;
  • professional insurance;
  • recruitment services;
  • education;
  • the latest news; and
  • participation in campaigns to promote better working conditions.

The road to success

TIA’s growing membership means that we can work together to make a greater impact when and where it matters.

In 2017, we successfully campaigned for change in Victoria, with the state government committing $21.8 million to boost the sustainability and quality of Victoria’s language services. This equated to an average 30% rate increase for all government-funded jobs. Although our win marked a historic moment for translators and interpreters in Victoria, it is only the beginning. We want to set a precedent for the other states.

Interpreters have faced declining pay, conditions, respect and recognition for many years. This win represents a significant and overdue acknowledgment of the economic and social contribution of translators and interpreters.

By joining TIA and getting involved in our campaigns to improve Australia’s language services, you can help us build the case for greater reward, and strengthen the voice of our profession.

Our next step is to fight for better outcomes for translators and interpreters across all states.

We're here to help

While we are here to fight for better pay and conditions across the profession, we are also there for you if you have an individual issue.

When you contact us for help or advice, TIA guarantees absolute confidentiality at every stage of the process. This means that you will be consulted on any action we propose on your behalf and approaches to other individuals or organisations will not be made without your approval.

Our services

Membership dues work to ensure:

  • the highest standard of workplace advice and support for union members;
  • the issues faced by translators and interpreters are addressed with government and industry; and
  • the collective voice of translators and interpreters is heard to negotiate for improved salaries and conditions.
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