Translators and Interpreters (TI) have demanded fairer working conditions at VITS LanguageLoop for a number years.

Following a long campaign by Professionals Australia and our TI members which involved advocacy, rallies and media, the Victorian Government has announced it is supporting VITS LanguageLoop to transition from a contractor-based workforce engagement model to primarily an employment-based model, consistent with the Victorian Government’s industrial relations policies and secure employment principles. Professionals Australia welcomes this announcement.

You can read our communique here.

Professionals Australia as the union representing translators and interpreters will play a critical role in representing and supporting the VITS workforce throughout the transition process. We are a member of the Victorian Government’s committee overseeing the transition to an employment model. We will also be representing our members’ interests in the negotiation of an Enterprise Agreement for VITS Language Loop.

An Enterprise Agreement means that through Professionals Australia you will now have a say on your working conditions and entitlements.

This is a great win for our TI members, who demonstrated extraordinary solidarity and patience through a long campaign that will result in real change in the language services sector.

Professionals Australia will be organising information sessions and discussion groups to assist you through this transition and to answer your questions. In the interim, if you work for VITS please get in touch with any questions

In Unity

Jill McCabe

Niki Baras Organiser
Victorian Branch

Click here for the Professionals Australia and VITS LanguageLoop communique.