Tania Stuart awarded the 2019 TI CPD scholarship

Tania Stuart is a Melbourne-based Spanish Translator and Interpreter who joined Professionals Australia in September 2018. She intends to put the $500 scholarship funds towards the cost of undertaking a series of three webinars with eCPD in the UK including Competing in a Global World – Strategies for Linguists, the Freelance Linguist and Strategies to Grow Your Language Business.

She hopes these webinars will help broaden her business skills and knowledge and open the door to more work opportunities. In addition she intends to undertake a course in the critical area of Ethics with AUSIT. On how she expects to benefit from CPD in these areas, Tania said: “Being an effective translator and interpreter involves more than just being a good interpreter or translator – doing this type of work on a freelance basis has its own set of unique additional challenges and I’m keen to broaden my business development skills so I can operate effectively in that environment. I need to do this alongside strong ethical training and ensuring professionalism in all that I do.

I strongly believe in the role of CPD not only in maintaining TI accreditation but also expanding the skills that allow me to deliver a high-quality service in a challenging business environment.

I appreciate the support of TI Professionals Australia very much.”

Congratulations Tania!