Sick leave and carer’s leave for interpreters

The pandemic has shown that casual and insecure workers are at risk of having to choose between a day’s pay and their health. Translators and interpreters are indisputably insecure workers denied basic entitlements because of the way you are engaged by agencies.

Your union is encouraging you to make a submission to the Secure Work Pilot Scheme.

The Secure Work Pilot Scheme (the Pilot) is a Victorian Government nation leading initiative aimed to give Victorian workers in casual or insecure jobs more security so they can feel confident to take time off when they are sick or need to care for loved ones.

The Pilot will trial access to sick or carer’s pay to improve casual and insecure workers’ economic security.

Consultation is now underway for the Pilot and government is seeking feedback from workers, organisations, and other stakeholders. The information gathered from this consultation will help the Victorian Government decide which industries and occupations are included in the Pilot, and how the Pilot will operate. Information from the Pilot will also help inform the need of a longer-term scheme.

We have looked into the details of the consultation and believe that translators and interpreters qualify as a potential target group for this pilot.

Worker eligibility
The Pilot will be open to workers in eligible occupations, including healthcare and support services. In addition, the Victorian Government is considering other eligibility criteria that may be required.

For example:
A. Engaged as a casual, eligible independent contractor, or sole trader
B. Work is performed in Victoria
C. Worker has the right to work in Australia, including relevant visas D. Worker’s primary income must be from an eligible occupation in the included industry, if they are employed or work for multiple businesses or across multiple occupations. E. Worker’s annual remuneration or earnings are below the national average ($1,711.60 weekly wage as of November 2020, or the equivalent of $45.64 per hour)

We believe this is a fantastic opportunity to further bring the insecure and substandard conditions of translators and interpreters to Government’s attention. Successful inclusion can mean longer-term benefits for you if the pilot evolves into an ongoing scheme. We encourage all members to make a submission before the closing date next month, August 2021.

To read about the pilot in more detail and make a submission go to