Professionals Australia continues to urge the Australian Government to assist Afghan refugees

Since June 2021, Professionals Australia has called on the Morrison Government to take action and evacuate Afghan interpreters who have assisted Australia’s defence forces in Afghanistan over many years.

While we welcomed news the Australian Government had committed to issuing protection visas to enable Afghan interpreters to resettle in Australia, we asked the government to continue to evacuate, protect and support Afghan interpreters and their families.

As the situation in Afghanistan grew more desperate, on 17 August 2021 we called on the Australian Government to join the evacuation efforts of the US and the UK and urgently evacuate Afghan interpreters and their families and provide them with safe haven in Australia. The situation in Afghan remains chaotic and has given rise to a humanitarian crisis.

The Canadian and UK Governments are each taking 20,000 refugees from Afghanistan and Professionals Australia urges the Morrison Government to expand our humanitarian intake and refugee resettlement program to enable more Afghan refugees to live safely in Australia, especially those at high risk because of their work with Australians such as interpreters and their families; women and children; and human rights defenders.

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