On Call makes back-payment to members

The new Victorian Government rates were announced in July 2018, which coincided with the NAATI transition phase. The Victorian Government rates are linked to certification and are therefore only payable to interpreters who have transitioned to a new NAATI credential.  Inevitably, there was uncertainty and delay while interpreters sorted out their individual circumstances and obligations.  Some members identified underpayments for assignments completed from July 1 until the date they submitted their certification.

TIA negotiated with government to ensure that the relevant departments would honour proper payments and therefore agree to cover the gap. Government offered a limited timeframe within which we could make claims on behalf of members.  Once this confirmation was received, On Call was advised and TIA has maintained that demand for payment since that time. On Call have now paid outstanding amounts to those members who made timely claims. 

LanguageLoop, on the other hand, has remained silent on underpayment claims. As at the end of last year, LanguageLoop refuses to talk to TIA until they receive more specific advice from Government on departments that should be paying higher rates.  TIA is therefore continuing to pursue a solution at higher levels of government and is happy to report an optimistic outlook to date. 

More updates to come.