Professionals Australia were recently asked by members, “What should I be getting paid?” and “Do I have enough power to negotiate a pay rise?”

Being a member of Professionals Australia provides you with the resources you need to negotiate your next pay rise and ensure you’re remuneration package reflects your experience and skill set.

Here are 4 points to help you get on the right track professionally for 2020. 

1. What skills does your industry value?
If you’re comparing your salary based on your skill set against your work colleagues, you won’t get an accurate indication of your value. Employers have a tendency to value their employees within their organisation differently. What you need to consider is how you compare to others in your industry. A like for like comparison will give you accurate picture of what value other employers pay for your skills. 

You can’t know every employee from every organisation in your industry but you don’t have to. Speaking to our experts can give you the guidance on getting more skills to make you more appealing to a potential employer.  
2. Is your contract worth your employment?
Your contract includes much more than just the salary you pocket at the end of the week. It’s a combination of wages, benefits and a set of working conditions your employer is offering for your employment. More money doesn’t mean that you are better off if other factors increase the difficulty of your work. Professionals Australia conduct contract reviews to compare your individual contract to industry averages, so you know if your contract is fair.

Don’t guess, book a contract review today.

3. Are your negotiation skills up to scratch?
Entering a salary negotiation can be nerve wracking. It is not an exact science and like any other type of negotiation, it is about personalities and power balances. You deserve to be rewarded for your hard work. Poor planning can cost you so don’t be the one that misses out! To get started, you need to build your case by gathering all the right information. Our professionals are here to offer advice on how to best prepare you for a conversation. 

Get some advice for your next negotiation today.

4. Are you covered in your workplace?
What would happen if your employer asked you to work unpaid overtime? It’s hard to say no without feeling like you’ve jeopardised your employment. Many employees find themselves in situations where their employer has asked them for more than what is in their contract. With Professionals Australia you can get legal advice from experts on the ramifications if you were to refuse. If it comes to it, we can even offer you legal representation to make sure that you are getting a fair and just outcome. 

Get some advice.