What we do

We want to make sure Australian professionals get the respect, recognition and reward you deserve. In the workplace you may face difficult employment issues that are far outside your training and expertise.

You may have questions about the details of your employment contract, the legally enforceable minimum wages and conditions of your role, or more serious issues to deal with like unfair treatment, bullying, dismissal or redundancy. Translators and Interpreters Australia will provide you with the tools and support you need to get ahead and stay secure in your career.

  • Get workplace advice and support when members need it. Each year we help more than 1800 members overcome all sorts of workplace issues. In the course of a member’s career it is likely they will need advice at some point. We are your insurance for those times.
  • Help to negotiate better pay and conditions from our experts
  • Get a contract review before signing – our legal team can check your terms and conditions, and protect you from potential problems down the track.
  • Know your market value and get paid what you’re worth – many members can check our industry salary reports and calculators for their profession before negotiating their next role or pay review.
In addition to our staff, we have a network of trained, experienced Professionals Australia Representatives to support members across industries, in many regional areas, and in many workplaces – these are members who train and commit their time to support fellow members and guide our Association’s direction. We can help you at every stage of your career so join us now and make the most of your membership.