Why should I join the union?

Translators and Interpreters Australia (TIA) is an organisation of working people who stand together and speak with one voice for better pay and working conditions. As the union for language professionals, we seek to win the recognition, respect and reward that impacts your ability to do your jobs.

Why TIA?

In order to make a lasting change to the industry it was necessary to establish a group to stand up for language professionals thus the union was born. 

TIA was formed by language professionals for language professionals. We are driven by our members’ need to ensure the supply of professional and accredited language professionals who serve our diverse communities. To do so, we are fighting to improve the pay and conditions of our members. As your union, we know that without you, many wouldn’t be able to access services like health, education and courts.

Will my voice make a difference?

At TIA, we aim to unite all language professionals to protect and improve their pay and conditions – so that they and the communities they serve may have a sustainable future. Right now, there are many obstacles in the language services industry; low wages, inadequate working conditions, and the low levels of respect. And we know, one voice just isn’t strong or loud enough to change that. To make worthwhile and lasting change, language service professionals to work collaboratively under their union to overcome those obstacles. 

How do I benefit?

Unions like TIA, play an important role for working people by helping resolve issues by being the voice of language professionals like you. 

For example: Last year, we were responsible for the $21.8 million funding boost for language services in Victoria. For language professionals, this translated to an average 30% rate increase on all government funded jobs.

Not only does TIA lobby the government, as a member you’ll get:

  • Expert advice on your wages, conditions and your rights;
  • Access lawyers/industrial officers to assistance for workplace problems; and
  • Member benefits such as journey insurance.

We believe in empowering our members to stand up for themselves and their colleagues and can provide you with support you’d need to shape your working life.

What can I do now?

There three things you can do right now. You can: