Understanding Awards and Agreements

We are committed to providing our members with a positive and valuable membership experience. Part of this commitment is providing a series of informative webinars that our members find valuable and beneficial to their personal and professional lives.  

“Do you know if you’re covered by an award or an enterprise agreement? Or maybe you’re not covered by either.” 

To help you understand your entitlements, National Industrial Officer and Lawyer from Professionals Australia, Deepa Travers, has put together a webinar to outline everything you need to know. From Award entitlements to the minimum wage and NES, this Recorded Webinar will answer all your questions about coverage.”

Understand awards and agreement - Members webinars

“Wages and conditions for interpreters are appallingly low, with many interpreters leaving the industry for better paying work. When employees negotiate as a group with their employer, we can win better outcomes than as individuals. Translators and Interpreters Australia (TIA) can compel your employer to negotiate better wages and conditions via a new agreement called an Enterprise Agreement. If you want to see improved wages and conditions for interpreters, and we can stand together to improve our industry.”