Secure Jobs, Better Pay: Legislation Briefings

On Friday 2 December, the Federal Government’s Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill was passed by Parliament.

The industrial reforms in the legislation will deliver significant improvements in workplace conditions and wages for millions of workers, including PA members.

Professionals Australia has a number of briefings scheduled over the coming months to update members on legislative changes.

The first briefing, presented by Margaret Buchanan - Director of National Industrial Strategy & Workplace Advice and Support, provided attendees with an overview of the major changes likely to impact PA members.

International Women's Day Briefing: Gender Equality

Legislation Briefing : Ending Pay Secrecy

Secure Jobs, Better Pay: Legislation Briefings

Upcoming briefings:
  • Bargaining session – May
  • Flexible work – June
  • Prohibiting sexual harassment session – July
  • Fixed term contract session – August