Professional Australia Airservices 2019 – 2022 Enterprise Agreement Analysis

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If you would like advice on the appropriateness of this insurance policy for your individual circumstances do not hesitate to contact Professionals Australia Insurance Broking (Countrywide Insurance Group Pty Ltd – AFSL 511363) 1800 800 998 or Berkley Insurance The negotiations of the new Airservices EBA have been long, arduous and at times adversarial.

Now, after a lot of hard work by your union representatives and members we have an EBA offer to consider from Airservices which you’ll have the opportunity to vote on. It’s the view of your Professionals Australia representatives that the EBA offer being made to you by Airservices still falls short of what we would consider a good agreement.

Many claims that Professionals Australia members and the other unions sought during negotiations were rejected. It’s also true that the federal government’s restrictive bargaining policy tied Airservices hands and restricted them from agreeing to some of our claims. For Professionals Australia to recommend this agreement to you as a good deal we would need to have achieved our claims specific to support for engineers and technical professionals. Airservices rejected many of these. Therefore, we cannot endorse and recommend this agreement to you. Having said that, the offer being made by management is an improvement on the sorts of cuts they were seeking before entering into the new approaches program with the Fair Work Commission.

These improvements were only possible thanks to the work of union members and your representatives. This outcome is a very strong message that acting collectively as a union is what it takes to improve respect, recognition and reward at work.

Below you will find analysis of the EBA offer from Airservices compared to the claim Professionals Australia members were seeking.

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