Access the hidden job market

If you’re looking for a job, it can become tedious to be searching and applying through job seeker websites.

Why not tap into the hidden job market and let your LinkedIn profile work for you.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or your profile is outdated, here are three things you should consider:

What is the hidden job market?

Simply, this refers to jobs that are not advertised or posted online. This doesn’t mean the job is secret, rather that the employer does not want to disclose the job opening to the public.

In an ultra-competitive job market, it can prove cost effective for an employer to recruit via word of mouth or through employee referrals.

Not only does it save on costs for job boards or recruiting firms, employees have a vested interest in recommending the best candidate especially if a bonus is attached to a positive referral. (If a personal contact invites you for a coffee, consider going – you never know where your next job offer could come from!)

What you really want to know is how you can access the hidden job market. One sure-fire way is by creating or expanding your brand through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn allows you to provide employers a three-dimensional look at who you who are – your public image, values, reputation, work history and many more.

So, build a strong professional brand through LinkedIn!

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a 24/7 resource that employers and recruiters can access virtually any time and anywhere.

When was the last time you updated or even looked at your profile? When you landed your job? Just like that random coffee invite, you never know when a recruiter is going to look at your profile!

So, take a moment to consider; how you look at yourself as a professional, what makes you unique, and how do your colleagues and networks see you.

With more employers and recruiters scanning through LinkedIn, you can tidy your profile by:

  • Updating your profile picture – keep it professional (No selfies)
  • Creating a professional introduction and summary
  • Having an active news feed – share news articles, reports
  • Updating your skills section
  • Getting recommendations from colleagues or supervisors.
As well as a recruitment tool, many professionals view LinkedIn as a trusted source of professional content. Many companies have LinkedIn profiles that post original content, company news or share relevant industry updates.

Through your profile, you can follow your dream organisations or influential individuals who appeal or inspire you. Like or share their content.

Perhaps you could approach them through LinkedIn’s messaging service!

How can we help?
Every year, there are 30,000 new job seekers. And for every job ad, there are 30 applicants. Our LinkedIn review service helps you get a step ahead of those 29 other job applicants.

Whether you’re a student with little professional experience or passively looking at new career paths, our Career Services team can assist you.

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