Three things to consider before you ask for a pay rise

The end of the year is fast approaching and many of you might consider asking for a pay increase for 2020. Your first step should be to conduct thorough research to determine your position relative to your colleagues in the industry. This is an important step to give you a realistic expectation of your value and your pay increase request. Fortunately, we’ve have done most of the legwork for you.

The 2019 Professional Engineers Employment and Remuneration report contains the most comprehensive and up to date information on an engineer’s pay available in Australia. Below we highlight three things you should consider before you stake your claim for a pay rise:
Average percentage increase
In 2019, the base salaries for engineers rose by an average of 2.4% across all sectors.

This is crucial because knowing the average increases will help you manage your expectations, and you won’t suggest any unrealistic numbers.

For example: if you’re looking for an increase from a $90,000 base salary, based on this year’s percentage increases – you could realistically ask for an increase in pay up to $2,160.
Your current worth
Coming prepared with a precise figure for your employer shows you’ve done your research and you appear informed about your value to the organisation.

We can help you find your true market value through our online salary calculator. 
This tool eliminates the guesswork about pay information on your position by harnessing the data collected from the 2019 Professionals Engineers Report. 

To use the tool, simply apply the criteria relevant to you such as discipline, responsibility level, years of experience, qualification, or job function to give you a current assessment of your pay compared to your peers.

Go to the calculator now!
Your responsibility level
Determining your level can help you state your case for a pay rise or job reclassification.  

Because when it comes down to it, how your work is valued determines where you fall in your workplace’s salary structure. However, since different employers have different views on the value and level where certain jobs lie, finding your level can be difficult.  

If, like most workplaces, there is a job classification structure in place, you can compare your pay rate and responsibility level against any tables in the Engineer Report.
Please Note: Most commonly, employers have absolute discretion to decide whether an employee gets a bonus or pay rise. This is a guide to helping you prepare for a pay discussion and does not guarantee you will receive a bonus/increase.

There are two versions of the 2019 Professional Engineers Report; a free to download summary and a paid full version, available now! 

To access your copy, follow the link below! 

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