Report out now! 2019 Professional Engineers Survey Report

The Association of Professional Engineers Australia has been publishing its Professional Engineers Employment and Remuneration Report for over 40 years. The report contains the most comprehensive, up-to-date information on engineering remuneration and work conditions available in Australia.

The report is available in two versions: The FREE to download summary report providing overall results from our annual 2019 Professional Engineer Employment and Remuneration Survey. Learn how employment conditions for engineers have been trending over the last 12 months. With chapters on remuneration, employment conditions, workplace issues, and more, it provides a clear picture of today’s engineering industry in Australia. The Full Report adds on to the free report with an in-depth analysis of engineer remuneration broken down by a wide range of demographics, including discipline, responsibility level, years of experience, qualification, job function, and much more.

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Available as a downloadable spreadsheet, our tables are the perfect benchmarking tool to keep organisations and individuals informed about today’s market rates for professional engineers.

The full report, including comprehensive benchmarking tables, is available for $330.00 (inc. GST). Members of Professionals Australia can purchase the report for the discounted price of $99.00.

When you purchase the report you also get access to Professionals Australia’s Engineer Remuneration Calculator allowing you to perform you own custom remuneration analysis.