Your Personal Brand Webinar

At Professionals Australia, we are committed to providing our members with a positive and valuable membership experience.

Part of this commitment is providing a series of informative webinars that our members find valuable and beneficial to their personal and professional lives.

Your personal brand goes beyond your work history, your personal brand is your currency – identifying your reputation, public image, values, attributes and potential for success amongst others.

Your personal brand can make a big difference in helping you launch a career and land a job. These days, more and more employers are researching potential candidates online even before contacting you for an interview.

The reason: employers are looking for individuals whom can present themselves as attractive employees and colleagues.

Employers want to see potential candidates who:

  • Match their resume with their online profile
  • Can do the job
  • Are enthusiastic
  • Are knowledgeable
  • Are well connected

In June, we run a webinar to show our members what your online brand should look like and to ensure you’re standing out in the right way.

Members, we recorded this webinar for your viewing convenience which you can access here.