With Translators and Interpreters Australia (TIA) organising Queensland members to negotiate for an Enterprise Agreement, it begs the question, what is an Enterprise Agreement?


An enterprise agreement is a collective agreement made between employees and their employers about the terms and conditions of their employment.  Who the enterprise agreement will/will not cover will depend on the terms of the agreement and the coverage clause. 

As it stands, all employees employed by a national system employer* are covered by the National Employment Standards (NES).

NES are the minimum standards that cover these employees.

The ten minimum entitlements of NES are

1. Maximum weekly hours
2. Requests for flexible working arrangements
3. Parental leave and related entitlements
4. Annual leave
5. Personal carer’s leave and compassionate leave
6. Community service leave
7. Long service leave
8. Public holidays
9. Notice of termination
10. Fair Work Information Statement

*Follow this link to find the definition of a national system employer

Negotiating an enterprise agreement must follow three mandatory processes otherwise the Fair Work Commission cannot approve the agreement.

The process begins with agreement-making, bargaining then approval. NO SHORTCUTS.

Deepa Travers, our National Industrial Officer and Lawyer put together Understanding Awards and Agreements to outline everything, you need to know about NES, enterprise agreements, the process and much more.

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