Queensland translators and interpreters update

Translators and Interpreters Australia (TIA), Queensland recently launched a Majority Support Determination Petition to put an end to the unfair wages and conditions facing the Queensland T/I industry. This petition is calling on major language service providers used by the Queensland State Government to provide fair wages and conditions for T/Is.

The Wages and Conditions petition aims to organise translators and interpreters at a Language Service Provider (LSP) to negotiate as group through an Enterprise Agreement for better conditions and rates of pay. For an Enterprise Agreement to be effective, it requires at least 50 per cent of translators and interpreters working Having been open for several weeks now, there has been an outpouring of support from TIA members and the broader translator and Interpreter community for this petition.

If you are a Queensland TIA member, please sign the petition here. It is critical that we get as many signatures as possible.

We encourage you to forward this petition to your colleagues in the industry. If yet to join, you can do via our Join form.

If you have any questions about the petition, contact Rachel Limpus via email at rlimpus@professionalsaustralia.org.au or phone 0481 794 113.