Poor Employment Support

Poor wages and conditions, in its many forms, are running rampant throughout Australia.

They come in many forms; verbal contracts, employment as a contractor and penalty rates, sick leave, annual leave and superannuation that is being left unpaid. When an language service provider engages your services, a written contract should be provided that outlines the terms and conditions of your job including pay, hours of work, leave entitlements amongst many other details.

There are legally enforceable minimum terms and conditions that all contracts must include.

These minimum standards are outlined in the National Employment Standards (NES) that are intended to apply a uniform set of standards applicable to every employee in Australia. (Read more about NES and the Frequently Asked Questions here) Before you sign the dotted line, get in touch with us via our Employment Contract Review service (Members Only) and our Workplace Support and Advice team will check the minimums and standards and explain the implications of the clauses and conditions in the contract.

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Contract review