Let's keep the pressure on!

The current structure of the industry draws some confusion and uncertainty over their status as an employee or contractor especially when engaged with government through an agency.

Due to the many different definitions of employee/contractor status in different states and under different legislation plus the complexity of taxation law, that in many cases amount to poor pay. 

Members have told us they cannot continue in this industry if things remain unchanged. 

The setup of the industry that relies on government-established contracts with agencies. These agencies then compete with one another for these contracts. In theory, competition is good however the reality is these agencies share the same workforce pool. 

There was a rate increase in Victoria and a push for an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement in Queensland. 

That was just the beginning! We must continue to put pressure on the Government and agencies to improve your wages and conditions.

For your union to do so, we need to hear from you! A handful of members achieved the Victorian pay increase, imagine how much more a few hundred (or thousand) can achieve?
Did you receive you increased rate for your Victorian government job? Did you sign yourself to the Wages and Conditions petition in Queensland? If you did, did you get one, two or three signatures of your colleagues? 

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